Think of the childrens...

That’s all we seem to hear these days. “This is for the children”, “Think of the children” and things along those lines. Do these hacks not see that preventing our children having debt up to their eyeballs (and higher) is equally as important? Is keeping our children’s freedom intact even more important?

The climate change lobby (“Big Climate”) has, for years, told us that the sky is falling. Well, from the leaked information (mostly the program source code) we see that they should really be called ‘Chicken Little’. From the emails, we can see that they should also have the title of ‘high school bully’.

But who can blame them? They are saving the world, right? Yeah, right. What they are mostly doing is chasing the 100+ trillion dollars in the Big Climate slush fund. They are chasing fame and fortune, just like Ken Lay of Enron did. You remmember Enron, right? Maybe that’s too old for some of you. Let’s see… they are chasing fame and fortune just like the UAW was in the GM and Chrysler bailouts. Remember that one? Where they got enough corporate ownership that they now sit on the board of directors? (Ahead, of course, of the bond holders who actually invested in the companies)

And, to top it all off, the guys at the CRU threw away the original raw data. That’s right, in an age where you can buy a 1 Terabyte drive (1000 Gigabytes) for about $100, they threw away gigabytes of data as opposed to archiving it. This is the scientific equivalent of the atom bomb – without this data, there is NO WAY to replicate any of their science. Now, they KEPT the massaged (to the point of silly putty) data. But the original data – gone. This ALONE is a crime against science.

It means that the children will never really know this data. They never will have access to it for other studies. They can never ever use that data for the next 100 years in their own studies. This one singular act has done more damage to climate science than this passing fraud called Big Climate.

And even children can understand that if you start with bad information, you make bad decisions. Everyone in Big Climate is saying, “But but but this is PEER REVIEWED!” – let’s give them that (for fun). If you had honest peer reviewers that started with bogus and manipulated data, and they analyzed papers BASED ON THAT BOGUS DATA, they would say that the papers are fine. Yeah, right. If you start with garbage data, you get garbage conclusions. GIGO – Garbage in, Garbage out.

So, each and every study, research paper, and conclusion that depends on the tossed data is, in effect, useless. Since the CRU provided the data sets (the massaged data sets, or dare I say, the ‘fraudulent data sets’) that everyone based their years of research on – well…. GIGO. These people are like the Mafia – one set of books for ‘the family’ – the other set for the Feds. That’s a decent analogy – the Big Climate Mafia – out to steal your money and hurt your kids.

And the Big Climate Mafia has allies: Al Gore, The BBC, The mainstream media here in the states, Newspapers, The environmental lobby, The Democrat party, The Green party, James Hansen, and a host of others. These allies need to be investigated as well. We need to know how far in the Big Climate Mafia has its tentacles. After all, we are talking about the potential theft of over 100 Trillion dollars from the childrens. Dollars that could have been used to feed them, or house them, or clothe them, or get their education, or get them to the Moon or Mars, or solve REAL problems here in Earth. It’s time to follow the money.

It’s time to take down the Big Climate Mafia and their friends. Anything else would be a travesty.

It’s for the children.