The Moles in the Garden of Eden

Here’s an interesting question for ACORN, SEIU, the Obama administration, and other corrupt groups.

“What makes you think that the two filmmakers were the first to get inside your corrupt organizations?”

Where do you think we awful conservatives get our intelligence from? Divine intervention? No. We get it from people who tell us who are currently IN YOUR ORGANIZATIONS.

Think about it. Our young intrepid budding journalists targeted four ACORN offices and scored FOUR HITS. ACORN says that these employees are not representative of ACORN’s policies, so…. obviously someone inside ACORN told our young journos where the bad apples were, right? It’s either that or, well, your organization is as corrupt as we believe.

And (from what I hear) there are other videos coming, not just from ACORN, but from ‘other’ organizations as well. I wonder when those will hit? Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

Perhaps you may want to consider the problem of ‘the other shoe’. One shoe has dropped. When’s the other one going to drop? Who’s holding the shoe? Are they high in your organization or a line worker? Oh no, I’m not going to give you any identifiable hints, that would be cheating. (psssst – there’s a REASON I am anonymous here)

So, whatcha gonna do? Stop having meetings? Shut down the email servers? Close your web sites? Stage a massive internal witch hunt? Stop communicating your ideas? No – you can’t. Instead, our undercover operatives (who are TOTALLY trusted by you, by the way) will continue to leak your corruption to the world, and we, THE PEOPLE, will eventually find out, and you will be even more under the microscope. We call this a ‘lose-lose’ scenario.

Of course, properly run (a.k.a. non-corrupt) organizations wouldn’t have that much to worry about, would they?

Or, am I just blowing smoke? Can you really afford to take that chance?

Oh, and by the way, I’d love to see you sue those two young journalists. Can you spell ‘Discovery’? Sure you can.