The Winds of Change

“The winds of change blow round and round,
It makes a mighty rumbling sound.”

Those changes came swiftly and most rumblingly to Van Jones, special advisor for green jobs at the white house, after people learned of his past in his own words. Truly, his resignation was self-inflicted by his passion for spouting his ideology hither and yon, across the media landscape.

His early associations, with Storm and the Ella Baker Center didn’t do him much good when dealing with Americans. His jail time in response to his actions following the Rodney King incident did not endear him to the people who use the system as it was intended to right wrongs. His calling republicans in general ‘Assholes’ was not the modicum of the enlightened non-stereotypical person. His embrace of communism is not the way to win friends and influence people. And, finally, his signature on the 9/11 truther petition wouldn’t set well to anyone with half a brain.

So, the rumbling started – first on his side with his advertiser boycott of Glenn Beck for calling Obama a racist. The advertisers, worried about their own image, caved in. Since then, Beck’s show has shot up in the ratings, and shows no real sign of falling, yielding Fox News even more ad revenue (more people = more dollars), and incidentally making himself an enemy of a powerful media figure – Glenn Beck.

Remember that metaphorical ‘rumbling sound’ earlier? Its name is Beck. Beck did what reporters should have done all along – he dug for facts. I’m sure that he and his staff were genuinely surprised at what they found. They even gave the White House the opportunity to comment (which was denied on repeated occasions). Finally he released the 9/11 petition and the rest was history.

The mighty rumbling sound engulfed Jones – and destroyed him. Of course he claims that’s it is all a ‘smear campaign’ – a smear using his own words, in context, on video? By that definition, Mr. Jones, you initiated a ‘smear campaign’ against Mr. Beck. Paybacks are truly hell, aren’t they?

And, as usual, where is Obama? The silent one. The one who will never speak up for others. The one who will not stand up for his hand-picked employees. The one typified by the phrase ‘throwing under the bus’: Jeremiah Wright, his grandmother, Bill Ayers, and others too. He’s no where. I wonder where he would be for “we, the people”, if push came to shove? Probably right where he is for Mr. Jones – tossing us under the bus on the altar of his own power.

The winds of change – so fickle in their direction – so mighty in their roar – and so utterly unstoppable when the people are truly behind them. So what happened, President Obama? Is that hope and change not working out for you and your politburo?

Changes aren’t permanent, but change is.