We are the mob, and WE HAVE COME HOME.

We have come home, back to the realization that we, the mob, the PEOPLE of the United States of America, are the sovereign of this country. We, THE PEOPLE, have come home to the fact that we have certain unalienable rights, not all of which are enumerated in the Constitution. We, THE PEOPLE, those you are supposed to represent, have come home to the fact that we will have to force you, our elected representatives, to hear us. We, THE PEOPLE, have come home to the fact that we must awaken from our long slumber, and let you know that you are not doing your jobs, and are insulting us and our beliefs and principles in the process. We, THE PEOPLE, have come home to the fact that our first amendment rights are being trampled on by the very people who should be encouraging us to speak our minds. And perhaps, you should come home to the fact that the framers – those dead white guys who are smarter than ANYONE in Washington today, put a second amendment in there so that we could protect ourselves from the usurpation of the first.

You, elected representatives and senators, are verging on the establishment of tyranny. And we, THE PEOPLE, are aware of it. We know your game. We know your playbook. We know your tactics of demonization, disengagement, misdirection, group action, intimidation, and flat out lies. We’ve studied you for years, quietly. Now: we are ready; we are motivated (by you); and we are pissed.

We ARE the mob. Perhaps you should meet us. Because, you see, we ARE your constituents. We are the people who put you where you are, and WE are the people who will remove you if you continue. We will remove you and put people in your job who will attempt to UNDO what you are trying to do TO US. Not “for us”. You see, dear representatives and senators, the ugly truth is: YOU made the mob by your actions. Now you have to deal with it – call it yet another ‘unintended consequence’ of government folly – for it seems the only thing you seem to be good at is spending our money and overlooking the consequences of your actions. It’s not going to work this time.

And, just as a treat, I’ll let you in on a secret: We KNOW that YOU KNOW we aren’t yet organized. So, we know you are lying to us. But just imagine what will happen when we DO organize…

We will protest you in the streets, we will clog your mailboxes with letters, we will shut down your email servers with pleas, we will swamp your phones with our message; we will march on your offices, your meetings (after all, your union thugs marched on the houses of AIG executives – do you think you are immune from any lesser treatment?), we will protest you at hotels, banquets, dinners, and reunions; we will find your secrets and expose them, THEN we will organize (yes we can!) to defeat you in any way we can – not violently, but it will be loud, very loud, and it will never waver, and it WILL NOT STOP – until you relent.

We WILL remember your actions. We will enshrine them as a warning to generations of future elected officials that some things have too high a price, not in dollars, but in liberty; and that we, THE PEOPLE, will act when it is necessary to preserve that which so many of our citizens have fought for and died to protect abroad. “All enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC” – you really don’t want to become our enemy. Seriously. After all, we are the mob.

In other words, we, THE PEOPLE, have learned from you. And our numbers are far far more than your union thugs and your fringe groups combined. You will also find that your ‘coalition (of the stupid and weak-willed)’ will crack under the pressure. It has already started. Your union counter-protestors from SEIU have drawn first blood against a man, a patriot, a black patriot, (or, as the SEIU thug racistly slandered him with ‘the N-word’) who had the unmitigated temerity to hand out “Don’t Tread On Me” items in St. Louis. And your ilk blames the victim? We will use this against you – supporting the racist over the victim eh? Wow. Just wow. I can alerady see the signs in my mind’s eye. Believe me, you don’t want to see that sign in your face.

Again remember, this COULD be liberty by numbers – deny us the first amendment, and we CAN move to the second – after all, that’s what it’s there for. We do not want to do that. We will avoid that if it is at all possible. YOU do not want us to do that. So maybe it’s time you backed off, stopped the breakneck legislative blitz in its tracks, called off your thug squads, and LISTENED TO US – your constituents.

You see, I’m going to let you in on another very small secret that you seem to have forgotten. WE, THE PEOPLE, are your boss. YOU are the employee. And you have crossed the line of insubordination, and that after not doing your job for years. Consider this your first, last, and ONLY warning. We WILL remove you from office. We WILL find someone who will do the job AND listen to us, even if they don’t like what we have to say and even if we don’t like what they say on occasion. This, we WILL do. Consider it a promise. And WE, THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES don’t break our promises.

We have come home after a long vacation, and we see congressionally mandated burglars and thugs in our house, and you say WE are the mob? Where are you going to take us from here? Not too far, I’m sure – because WE, THE PEOPLE won’t allow it.

You think the mob is bad now? You ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait till the 2010/2012/2014 elections. We will bear our arms then, our weapons will be our voices, our hearts, and our intellect; our ammunition will be that which you CAN NOT ignore: our ballots. And THAT will be our killshot. You have now been warned. You can’t say “I didn’t know”. Continue this and YOU WILL GO HOME because you will have NO JOB IN THE CAPITOL. Or… you can change. After all, change is good, no? We changed from being silent, maybe you can change to being REAL representatives and senators.

Yes, you can. Or else we will.