We may be missing the boat by a mile......

Elections are around the corner with the big election just a little over two years away. Conservatives have a real opportunity to take most if not all the power away from Obama in just a few months, and his job away in a little over two years. But are we going to fullfill this opportunity or let it slip away from us due to apathy?

The way to win the upcoming election and the big one coming in a little over two years, is to piss everyone off. Now I do not mean make them mad at us, what I mean is, keep them mad at what has happened under the two years King Obama has ran this country.

Why do we need to make folks angry, are they not already angry as it is? The answer would be yes, but the people in this country are famous for forgetting. I remember within hours of the 9-11 attack, the norm in this country was the forget politics mentality and stay the course in wiping out the terrorist scum. How long did that last? Not even long enough to finish the cleanup at ground zero. Within months, political division and grandstanding was again the way of life in this country. All that mattered was set aside in favor of political trench digging.

The same will happen again if we allow it. The hype around the Health Care bill and the illegal means by which it was passed is already falling to the wayside because most of the items that will kill jobs, income, raise taxes, etc will not go into effect until long after Obama has faded into obscurity. We as conservatives must keep the big issues in the faces of all who live in this country or the anger that will propel true conservatives into power will not be there when it is needed the most. We have to piss the people off each and every day until Obama and his minions have been removed from our lives. This may take more than two plus years, so our job will not be done for a long time to come. It is a monumental task, but well worth the effort. We can not afford, better yet, this country can not afford for us to fail in this task. We can not rest on our laurels believing someone else will carry out the task at hand, all of us have to be involved each and every day or this country, our children, and ourselves will pay the price. We cannot mistake Obama and his cronies as fools. He is slick as a viper which was shown in the way the health care bill was written. He knew he would gather support the moment the bill was passed and he knew people would forget their disgust when all the pitfalls of the bill they heard about did not start to affect them. He also knew that if he was able to hold the office for eight years, he would not have to deal with the financial collapse the bill would bring, the President after him would. Chance are good a republican will be  in office when the bill implodes allowing the blame and the wrath of voters to fall on that leader making it finally possible for the dems to keep power for many many years to come. We cannot let this happen no matter the cost. We have to keep the focus on Obama and his socialist agenda in the thoughts of people each and every day so that they cannot forget.

So lets keep the people pissed off. Use whatever resources you have available for this mission. These resources are, but not limited to, chain emails with honest facts, no sluff, involvement in political activities in your state, financial support for candidates who are true conservatives with strong backbones, financial support for political groups who stay vocal, political conversation with those around you. The list could go one and on, but the point is you need to stay pissed and do your best to keep all those around you just as pissed off as you. This is how we will win this November and in November two years down the road.

Are you up to the task?