Murkowski - not O'Donnell - has been meeting with the dead.

Lisa Murkowski has launched a new ad featuring Ted Stevens, a much-loved figure in Alaskan politics who died tragically in a plane crash earlier this year.  Apparently, just days before the plane went down, Stevens recorded a commercial voicing his endorsement of Murkowski.  In order not to come across as completely taking advantage of Stevens’ death, the Murkowski campaign worked with his family, particularly his daughter Sue, to record an introduction showing their approval of the use of this footage to support Murkowski’s endeavor.

If you watch the ad, there’s no doubt that Ted Stevens did have much respect and affection for Lisa Murkowski and clearly supported her in the Republican primary earlier this year.

Now, I’m just going to put it out there… Is it just me, or does it come across to anyone else as presumptuous and arrogant to assume that Stevens would now be backing Murkowski over Miller?

In the NORMAL universe – one where politicians actually respect the will of the people as expressed at the ballot box – after a primary, everyone rallies around the winner.  After the debate within the party, the party is supposed to come together, be a unified front, trusting that voters are smart enough to pick the right candidate, or at least the one they want.  Sure, occasionally this doesn’t happen, but for the most part that’s how it goes.

Obviously we aren’t living in a universe anything close to normal this year.

First, we had Crist drop out of the Republican primary in order to keep from losing it.  Then Castle loses a primary in Delaware but refuses to endorse the winner.  And now Murkowski, after losing the primary, decides that she’s not going to let something as pesky as the will of Republican voters keep her from remaining in office!  No, ma’am!

I find it fascinating that somehow Murkowski just knows – perhaps deep within her soul – that Ted Stevens would join the Establishment crew and abandon the will of Republican voters in Alaska.  I find it amazing that somehow she is certain that he would tell her to dismiss the results from that annoying primary (I mean, really, Lisa Murkowski shouldn’t have even had to go through a primary, right?), tell people that Miller only received a very small percentage of votes from Alaskans (pay no mind to the fact that Murkowski received an even smaller percentage!), and go on campaigning all the same.

Maybe Ted Stevens would have done just that.  I don’t know…

…but neither does Murkowski!  If Christine O’Donnell did something like this, could you imagine the jokes about how she is continuing her witchcraft days?  Can’t you just hear the cracks about seances and Ouija boards?  How in the world can Lisa Murkowski divine the will of a man who is no longer with us?  The words audacious, brazen, and impudent come to mind.

This just solidifies my theory about the Establishment Mentality.  It goes like this…

Lisa gets appointed by her father elected to office.  She thinks she does a great job.  In fact, she starts to think there is NO ONE ELSE who could do as good a job as she does.  In her mind, she becomes one with the office, thinking that it is her senate seat.  She’s no longer a servant to the people by working in government; she IS the government.  And the government establishment believes that the government exists for one reason: the government.  Government for the sake of government, that’s the Establishment Mentality.  And because Lisa IS the government in her mind, she MUST be in office.

Is it really inconceivable that Ted Stevens might – just might! – have said, “Lisa, you’ve done a good job.  Now, respect the will of the voters and enter a new chapter in life”?  Is that really so far-fetched?  In the mind of the Establishment, of course it is.  If Lisa can’t serve in that senate seat, why should Alaska even have it!?

We cannot keep sending to Washington people with such a fundamental misunderstanding of their roles.  Our representatives need to have the humility to understand that maybe there actually is someone else who could serve as well as or better than they do.  We need people in Washington – and our state capitols and county and city governments – that remember they merely hold an office, they don’t embody the office.  That way they don’t have to protect government in order to protect themselves.  Government should be of, by, and for the people, not for the sake of government.

So, yeah, Murkowski is just reminding me of exactly why I am sending Joe Miller money as often as I can.  I’ve done it personally, and my PAC is about to do it, too.  For me, this is as much about keeping Murkowski and her entitlement mentality out of the Senate as putting a constitutional conservative in.  Two and a half weeks to go… Let’s keep fighting the fight!

Joe Miller for US Senate!