Murkowski and GOP Leadership: Time to hit the reset button.

Politico has just reported that by this time tomorrow, Senate Republicans will have decided just where Lisa Murkowski, former Republican and born-again Independent, stands in her former party.

Murkowski was the ranking Republican on the Senate’s Energy Committee, quite a resume booster.  She also enjoyed a some seniority and a position among the GOP’s Senate leadership.  Apparently, tomorrow the Senate Republicans will come together to consider whether or not they should take away from Murkowski her ranking committee position.

Is it just me or is this one a no-brainer?

When Murkowski decided not to respect the decision of the Republican voters of her state, followed by the decision to become an Independent write-in candidate, she pretty much lost her GOP identity.  I mean, how can the LOSING Republican who has DISRESPECTED voters and ABANDONED her party to become an independent expect to retain a position of power in the very party she’s just walked out on.

Once again, we have a clear picture of the problem with the GOP Establishment.  They seem to forget something really important… that they are where they are because of the voters!  They serve at the will of the voters!  Ms. Murkowski does not get to decide for herself whether or not is finished being the Republican Senator from Alaska.  The voters already took care of that.  Sure, she has the right to try to become the Independent Senator from Alaska, but such a rejection of the will of those who participated in the Republican primary alienates her from the Republican Party.

Which brings me to The Establishment.  The Senate Republicans better get this right tomorrow.  (For the record, I think they will).  They had better remove Murkowski from any leadership position or ranking position on a committee.  Not to do so would merely be an echo of the same disregard for Alaskan Republican primary voters that Murkowski herself is showing.  Much of the frustration with both political parties is based on the perceived attitude that the voters exist at the mercy of the elected officials.  The Tea Party Uprising is an attempt to push the reset button.

That’s what Alaska’s voters have done (and Florida’s, and Nevada’s, and Colorado’s, and Delaware’s).  They are rejecting a top-down mentality.  I sincerely hope the Republican leadership is listening.  They had better side with Miller and turn their back to Murkowski.  Not because she’s a bad woman, but because that’s what the voters did.  It’s time for the party to side with the voters.