Secretary of State Project Attacks the Tea Party

Check out the latest fundraising letter by the Secretary of State Project:

Do you want the Tea Party to count the votes in 2012? With less than four weeks left until the election, many Secretary of State races in key battleground states hang in the balance.  Whoever is elected now will be in charge of counting the votes for President Obama’s re-election.

Not surprisingly, the Tea Party has made Secretary of State elections a key priority.  If they win, vote suppression, demands for excessive ID requirements and sheer hysteria would rule the day in 2012.  Former Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris and Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell would fit right in!

You can prevent this debacle in 2012 by acting today to defeat the Tea Party endorsed candidates for critical election positions. Here are just three examples:

  • In Ohio, Tea Party endorsed Republican Jon Husted is running to take back this seat for conservatives.  Husted would be a giant step backwards for this key battleground state.
  • In Michigan, Ruth Johnson won the Republican Secretary of State nomination after courting tea party supporters.
  • In Iowa, Tea Party member and conservative Republican Matt Schultz is running to repeal Iowa’s innovative same day voter registration and other election reform.

Fight back against the Tea Party by donating to the Secretary of State Project now.

You can make a difference in these critical races.  Dollar for dollar, the SoS Project is one of the most effective political investments you can make. We run smart, targeted campaign with proven results in key battleground states.  By making a small contribution today, you can make sure the Tea Party is not in charge of counting the votes later.

Thank you for all that you do to help protect the vote!

– Laura Packard and the rest of the team

Source: http://womensphilanthropy.typepad.com/stephaniedoty/2010/10/act-now-to-prevent-the-tea-party-from-counting-the-votes-in-2012.html

These races are critical to protecting the conservative agenda.  We have to help these three candidates:

Matt Schultz – Iowa

Jon Husted – Ohio

Ruth Johnson – Michigan