Poll: GOP Candidate Leads Mauro (SOS Project Candidate)

The Secretary of State Project is trying to steal our elections.  Here in Iowa, a good friend of mine is trying to defeat the incumbent, Mike Mauro.  Mauro has been endorsed by the Secretary of State Project.  During his first term, Mauro successfully lobbied for same-day voter registration.  Fraud is written all over that crap.

Today, a poll came out showing that Matt Schultz leads Michael Mauro by 3 percentage points.  Here are the numbers:

Schultz: 33%
Mauro: 30%
Undecided: 35%

The sample included 500 likely voters and its margin of error is 4.39%.

We have a real shot in Iowa to defeat the liberal SOS Project candidate. We CAN’T ignore these SOS races. Hopefully this is a sign that we can beat these guys.

Check out the poll here