Iowa Secretary of State candidate calls out Obama

The Iowa primary is approaching and things are heating up.  Many people are focused on the Gubernatorial race, but there are critical down ballot races as well.  One of those is the race for Secretary of State.  There is a three man primary and the winner will take on Michael Mauro, a liberal hack who is backed by George Soros and the Secretary of State Project.  There is one candidate that has really impressed me out of these three: Matt Schultz.  He has surprised the Republican establishment and has been labeled as the Tea Party candidate.  He definitely has the momentum and it appears like he is going to win.  But yesterday, he made a bold move.  He released a new web ad that could be controversial, titled “Not the Chicago Way.”  Watch this ad below:

In this ad he says, “Vote early, vote often might be the Chicago way, but it’s not the Iowa way.” Right when he says “Chicago way” he has a picture of Obama appear. Clearly, he is taking a shot and Obama and the likes of ACORN with this. He then issued this statement:

My new video is a thirty second spot meant to explain why I’m running for Secretary of State and highlight the fact that Iowa needs to protect itself from voter fraud. We need to recognize that we are not insulated from Chicago political strategies and organizations like ACORN. Iowa needs a Secretary of State who will fight for honest elections.

This proves that Schultz has balls. I think it’s hilarious.  This is a guy worth supporting.