Angry Newt, Please Come Back!

We last saw you in South Carolina, and we supported and cheered for you there, because we’re angry too.  We’re angry with a President who is ‘fundamentally transforming’ away America into his grotesque and unrecognizable utopian vision.  We’re angry with a mainstream media that functions as his propaganda arm.  And we’re angry with a two-party establishment that is more concerned with the preservation and accumulation of personal power and riches than the future of our country.

But then you went away.  You were replaced by someone else in Florida.  This fellow was also angry, but not on our behalf.  He was angry for himself, and what the machine (Republican establishment + liberal media + Romney campaign) was trying to do to him.  We understand.  You are, after all, only human.  And it’s hard to stay focused on other’s needs when you are being savaged.  But we still need you.  And the best way to defeat them is to stand with us, because then we will stand with you. 

Come back, angry Newt, and rage against their lies and deception, their hatred for America and its mission and their disdain for morality and virtue.  Call them out on their intellectual dishonesty, historical ignorance and personal hypocrisy.  Do it in the way that only you know how to do it. 

Your greatest gift is your ability to recognize and articulate the truth.  This is your time.  This is your place.  Seize it.