It's Now or Never

Gingrich/Santorum have to stop the Romney juggernaut in at least some of the upcoming contests in the month of February before Super Tuesday on March 6th, or we’ll really be able to put a fork in it and hand the nomination over to Romney.  And I still believe, in fact now more than ever before, that the only way to do this is with a unified Gingrich/Santorum (Pres/VP) ticket.  This is the only way to achieve even a modicum of balance versus Romney’s massive campaign war chest, his backing by the Republican establishment, and the mainstream media’s collusion with it.  Again, I plead with Newt that he declare Rick as his pick for running mate, and Rick, it’s time to transition from a run for President to a Vice Presidential run. 

You guys can do it, but you have to do it together.  Do it now, and millions of us will stand with you.  Do it later, and it just won’t matter.

See my full plea from last week below:

Dear Newt and Rick, It’s Time for a Unified Ticket