President In Title Only….Sadly, this is what America is forced to live with. We dont have someone with great moral convictions that sets his agenda to the wants and needs of the nation. We dont have a military leader that treats our men and women of the Armed Forces with the respect that they have earned. His use of Executive Powers are assinine at best and illegal at worst. This “Constitutional Law” Professor, must have studied some other country’s Constitution because what he does has no resemblance on what our Constitution dictates, states or even implies. The man who promised to cut the deficit in half has added $5 trillion to it, with no end in sight. What is a struggling nation to do? There is word that legislature is being drafted to allow a third and possibly fourth term to his dicatorship, er, Presidency, hmmm very interesting. There is a quote “Sadder still to watch it die, then never to have known it” How appropriate…….Therefore, I am coining the phrase, PITO.