Enough is Enough Congresswoman Berkley?

I read an interesting article on Pres. Obama and comments he made about Las Vegas. Undeniably upset was Congresswoman Shelley Berkley: “Enough is enough!” Democratic Congresswoman Shelley Berkley said in a statement. “President Obama needs to stop picking on Las Vegas and he needs to let Americans decide for themselves how and where to spend their hard-earned vacation dollars.”

Interesting statement Congresswoman, a statement that I actually agree with 100%. Wouldn’t it be nice if you and your kind in the Congress actually let the people make that decision on all of their hard earned dollars? Don’t you think the American people would get a warm and fuzzy feeling if our representatives actually followed through with what they promised us during the election cycle……. and not used our money for their European Trip, stimulus that has been ineffective, and unable to create job 1??