I just don't get it?

It has always intrigued me how the mind works, more importantly, the thought process that goes into actual decision making. A man, who will remain anonymous, we’ll call him Pres. “O”, has just committed $2,000,000,000 (that’s billion) to a Brazilian owned company for the purposes or oil exploration. This, mind you, is a preliminary commitment, that could possibly increase. Seems innocuous enough, no? The only problem is, this anonymous person,  Pres ”O”, won’t allow US companies to explore in our own back yard. Is it not a worthwhile investment in America if we allow US companies to explore? It does not cost the taxpayers anything, we will be making money off the leases we provide these companies. Pres “O” seems to think that drilling in our own backyard, will only escalate our dependency on fossil fuels, which is bad…..Very Bad……. Yet, he allows a loan with our money to a foreign company to do the same. I am really speechless, “I am without speech” to quote the famous George Costanza. The mockery he is making of this country is just astounding. What am I missing here?