2010 Mid-terms

Work should begin immediately on the 2010 mid-term elections. A lot will depend on the perceived success/failure of Obama’s administration, but there are a few things that should start now.

Start RecruitingBlanche Lincoln (Arkansas) is a fairly conservative Democrat, but she is a Democrat. Let’s hope Huckabee could be talked into running.

Although California is tough for the Republicans, Barbara Boxer has to be stopped. Schwarzenegger can’t run for governor again. He needs to run against Boxer in 2010.

With Brownback retiring, Dem. Gov. Katleen Sebelius is probably going to try to become Kansas’ first Dem Senator since 1932. The Kansas Reuplicans must find a strong candidate to prevent this.

Daniel Inouye will be 86 in 2010. Maybe Rep. Gov. Linda Lingle could be talked into running for the Senate.

Ken Salazar barely beat Pete Coors in 2004. Although Colorado has been trending toward the Democrats, John Elway is very popular and has considered jumping into politics in the past. Or, maybe Tom Tancredo will make a run.

Chuck Schumer easily won reelection in 2004, but maybe the Replicans could get someone like Pataki or Guliani to challenge waht I consider one of the worst Senators.

In conservative North Dakota, there are several Republicans with state-wie appeal and high approval ratings that could challenge Byron Dorgan.

In identifying Democrats to challenge, there will be several Reuplicans on shaky ground. John McCain may decide not to run again and Dem. Gov. Janet Napolitano is very popular. Her profile will only increase if she lands in Obama’s administration.

Mel Martinez in Florida will certainly face stiff competition in 2010.

Chuck Grassley of Iowa will be 77 in 2010 and is a very powerful member of the Senate, but could face a strong challenge if he runs again.

Jim Bunning has already said he will seek reelection in 2010, but he will be 79 and is not very popular. Kentucky Democrats will certainly try to go after him.

North Carolina just sent Elizabeth Dole packing, so Richard Burr will certainly be a target in 2010. He only won with about 52% of the vote in 2004 and Rep (and former quarterback) Health Schuler (D) is rumored to be gearing up for a Senate run.

In 2010 Arlen Specter will be 80 and running for reelection. Given his health issues, he may well change his mind. Also, Obama may try to add him to his adminstration to appear bipartisan, with the added benefit of cutting the Republican ranks by one (Rendell would certainly find a Democrat to replcae Specter).

John Thune is rumored to be considering a run for governer of South Dakota in 2010 rather than reelection in the Senate. Is Tom Daschle gone for good?

The picture will start to clear in the next several months, but work has to begin now.