Rush Limbaugh Against Hunting/Guns?

Rush Limbaugh may not be against guns rights himself, but an organization that he is supporting is very close to that situation.  Rush Limbaugh has partnered with the Humane Society of the United States(HSUS)  (Here.)  

The HSUS is NOT the Humane Society that takes in stray pets that roam around your neighborhood.  The HSUS has been an organization on the front lines of opposition in the battle for hunting rights.  Hunting rights have been a constant battle for years.  Hunting rights issues have been the gateway to conservation issues, gun issues, and animal rights issues.

As a strong supporter of hunting rights and gun rights I am disappointed that Rush would support an organization that is against those rights.  Letters have been sent by sporting organizations including the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance.

The letter, signed by the USSA President and CEO, Walter P. Pidgeon, Jr., details why the HSUS is the top opponent of sportsman rights:

“…every major piece of legislation, lawsuit or ballot issue that would restrict the rights of Americans to hunt originated with HSUS. This includes bankrolling ballot issues to ban the hunting of America’s #1 game bird, the mourning dove, lobbying legislation to ban the only effective hunting methods to control black bear numbers, opposition to hunting on Sundays, and opposition to allowing parents the ability to choose at what age their sons and daughters are permitted to begin hunting and much, much more.”  (Full release Here)

I cannot support this regardless of the fact that I have almost always supported Rush.  I work everyday to defend hunting and fishing rights, and there is a constant battle with HSUS.  It saddens me to see a victor of conservative values fall in line with one of my enemies.

I encourage everyone to email Mr. Limbaugh ([email protected]) and express your views, whether they agree with mine or not.  Look into HSUS and make your own opinion, but know that they are on the front of the anti-hunting movement.