Not all States are jumping into the Anti-Gun Parade!

It is great to be from Texas!  The Lonestar State is the only one (that I know of) that allows school administrators and teachers to carry a concealed firearm to a classroom!

 Texas also has legislation in the works for the right-to-carry concealed firearms on college campuses.  This a huge step forward on gun rights and a slap in the face of the current federal anti-gun movement. 

So while the nation is focused on the evil-trinity (Obama/Pelosi/Holder…Hillary can be the false prophet,)  the States are taking efforts into their own hands to assure citizens that their rights are still a priority.  This leads into State Sovereignty Rights.  Who holds the trump cards?

New Hampshire is leading the Sovereignty war, and it is ever expanding.  They are introducing a bill to strengthen the sovereignty rights of their State (HCR 6).  New Hampshire is just the tip of the iceberg.  As I hear, there are now 20 States with bills being considered to strengthen sovereignty rights.  Watch New Hampshire Representative Dan Itse on Glenn Beck:  (several weeks old..I would like an update if one is available.)


The gun issue is already being taken as a State Issue amongst many of the States.  The bills and laws being presented/implemented go from far left to far right depending on the State. (Texas far-Right, DC far-Left.) One bridge we have not crossed yet, is how much do the States have to say about the gun rights?  With Texas working on opening up concealed-carry rights, what will happen if the Feds try to throw a trump card on the actions and deem it all illegal?  Who has the rights?  Does this turn into a State Sovereignty issue…..?