The Quantum Physics of Hillary's Email Controversy


So, that was it!? In a town hall meeting on March 7, Hillary Clinton gave her long awaited explanation of her private email server under question by Bret Bair from Fox News. It went something like this. The documents on her server were never classified because that process only occurs in the setting of a FOIA request. Then and only then “various parties” review and vet the documents and classify the them based on the sensitivity and security risk of the content. Like Schrodinger’s Cat, the emails existed in an indeterminate state that could only be revealed when the box was opened. This being the case, she did not tell a lie when she said that no classified information existed on her email server.

Of course, this is complete and utter hogwash. Her own emails reveal the lie. If the state of the documents was unknown, why was it necessary for her to instruct others on how to remove their classified markings in order to send it to her unsecured server? But let us for a minute accept her explanation and do the unthinkable for the liberal mind. Let’s start with a premise and then follow the argument to its logical conclusion rather than construct the logic to support our desired outcome.

If we accept Hillary’s argument, then it follows that like the famous cat that was neither dead or alive but both at the same time her email was both classified and unclassified at the same time. The emails would stay in this state until vetted by outside government agencies. If we accept her argument, then she had no business deleting a single email from that server until such a third party could make that determination. Of course as we all know, she deleted over 30,000 based solely on her own vetting process. More importantly, since every email on the server existed simultaneously in dual potential states, the opposite argument she offered could be made. Every single email on the server was potentially classified. As such, her sworn duty to protect classified information “both marked and unmarked” was clearly violated when she sent just a single email to an unsecured server. Using her own arguments, she is becomes even more culpable for her acts.

Of course, liberals can’t see it that way. The outcome they desire is an exonerated Hillary and any flimsy excuse or poorly constructed argument that supports that result will be fully embraced, as fully evident by the applause from the crowd she received after telling her whopper. Is there cause to hope that the FBI and DOJ will see things more clearly? I am beginning to think not.