For the last time, it's not a swap!

For once I have to agree with the White House and State Department.  What we saw today is in no way a “swap.”  A swap implies some sort of equitable trade which bears no semblance of what happened.  For our part, we released seven Iranians who when granted the full privilege of due process were found guilty of crimes.  For Iran’s part, they released four Americans detained for unclear reasons, charged with crimes that were largely undisclosed, tried a closed courts, received unknown verdicts and were sentenced to unknown punishments.  Oh yes, we also removed those 15 Iranian terrorists who bombed that Israeli embassy from our INTERPOL red flag list.  Bibi’s not going to like that.  Buy hey, we got our 10 sailors back!  I guess we’ll call it “even.”

So to recap, in order to have returned four innocent American’s who were detained in ways that violated their human rights, we released 7 convicted criminals and let 15 terrorists off the hook while simultaneously eroding what little was left of our relationship with Israel and messaging terrorists around the world that it is worth their while to take Americans hostage.

Call me crazy, but I don’t think Obama read “Art of the Deal.”