“Post-Racial Politics” The Left Doubles Down on Race Baiting for 2012

Post-Racial PoliticsA tree of inspiration with Donald Trump at the root of it is hardly one under which I plan to sit and ponder the wonders of the universe anytime soon.  Nor is it the place most desirable for measuring the gravity of the current political quagmire our Party now finds itself at the center of.  The apple appears rather large and even a Trump-styled hair piece won’t suffice to cushion its inevitably imminent fall.  But even with the weight and the potential energy of a two-year Republican reign at the head of the nation’s purse in the House of Representatives; and even when the President has been blessed with the opportunity to move to the “center” if only because he moved the definition of the Left so ridiculously far West of the Mississippi; the Left still stands ready to call upon another weapon always willing and ready at its disposal; rather than go with the brainlessly winnable hand it has been dealt…

The “weapon?”  That’s right, you guessed it – the race card.  And they’re playing it on Donald trump; and through some great leap of progressive faith, they’re waving that mighty wand of judgment on the whole of the Republican Party.

Why?  Hell, I don’t know.  Why does the Left ever do anything that IT does?  Even with a cruise-to-the-finish ride on the badwagon of an economy destined to recover in time for 2012 ala Bill Clinton 1996; and even with a Republican field looking more and more like the JV-lineup from Hoosiers; the Left still seems absolutely determined to make this a race about, well… race.

Sure, Mr. Trump has made the transition rather easy.  He’s an old, rich, white dude; and he brought “us” the Bither saga and the Harvard Admissions/Affirmative Action inquiry.  He’s an easy target; he says he’s a Republican; so why not lump the whole mess into one big pile, throw on some kerosene, and strike a match?  What better to fuel an incumbent re-election campaign that a little race-driven dialog?

First there was the “Birther” thing.  Oh yes, the Birther thing.

Nearly every Republican with a title, public post, column, website, blog, radio program, reality series, or Twitter account dismissed the matter as a non-issue; and yet, the whole weight of Birther-mania was dumped on anyone with an (R) next to their name or voter registration – just because a goofy rich dude with a bad hair piece and an affinity for planting his name on things says there’s a “controversy.”  Awesome.

And oh how the Left pushed back… Tell me if you see a theme developing here?

Even the enlightened and informed panel over at The View decided to given its two cents on Trump taking the Republican Party deep into the bowels of racial politics.

“I’m getting tired to trying not to find things slightly racist. It is very difficult, on a daily basis, to see this stuff and not say, you know, this is what it is. I have been raised to think, ‘Well, maybe that’s not what they mean. Let me figure it out.’ But, being black, when you say, ‘Y’know, this is racist,’ 9,000 people say, ‘Oh, you’re just playing the race card.’ Well, you know, I’m playing the damn card now.”

Had enough yet?

Can I offer you some Republicans are Racists banter with an Antebellum twist?

RS McCain Rebuts – Donald Trump the NeoConfederate?

That’s what Alyssa Rosenberg of Think Progress appears to be suggestingwith her report that Donald Trump donated “$25,000 for the post-Katrina restoration of Beauvoir, Jefferson Davis’s retirement estate on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.”

Pin the Confederate Tail on the Republican” seems to be a popular progressive game this week, with Jamelle Bouie of The American Prospect exulting over a recent poll showing substantial pluralities of Republicans in Georgia, North Carolina and Mississippi say they wish the South had won the Civil War.

And just as the Left got hot on the trail of all the Klansmen within our ranks, Mr. Trump went out and questioned President Obama’s Academic Credentials…

POLITICO: Trump openly questioned how Obama, who he said had been a “terrible student,” got accepted into Columbia University for undergraduate studies and then Harvard Law School.

“I heard he was a terrible student, terrible,” Trump told the Associated Press in an interview, a claim he’s made in the past but one he doubled down on by suggesting he’s probing that area of the president’s life.

“How does a bad student go to Columbia and then to Harvard? I’m thinking about it, I’m certainly looking into it. Let him show his records,” he said, without providing backup for his claim.

Trump added, “I have friends who have smart sons with great marks, great boards, great everything and they can’t get into Harvard.”

“We don’t know a thing about this guy,” Trump said. “There are a lot of questions that are unanswered about our president.”

It seems that Trump’s assertions led the Left to draw the conclusion that The Donald was implying the President was only admitted because he was “Black.”  And in typical Lefty fashion, this also meant that Mr. Trump was somehow taking a stand on Affirmative Action; and accordingly, being racist.  You know, because one can’t have a discussion about Affirmative Action without being racist…

The “controversy” prompted this –  not from the Left, but from the “unbiased” mainstream media outlet that is CBS.

Bob Schieffer on CBS Evening News

“That’s just code for saying he got into law school because he’s black.  This is an ugly strain of racism that’s running through this whole thing.  We can hope that kind of comes to an end too, but we’ll have to see.”

Ignoring that Trump’s argument gained very little foothold with most Republicans, MSM folks like Schieffer began spinning the latest Trump creation into phase two of the Republican strategy to “go-racial.”

As soon as I heard Trump’s remarks, and long before the Left went bananas with the story, I had this to offer – Forgive me.  I think I may sound a little “racist” here…

The problem with Trump’s argument is also the reason that it resonates with everyday Americans.  He’s gossiping like a jaded mother who just found out her kid didn’t get into Harvard.  Ignoring that Obama was an Ivy League “legacy”, Mr. Trump’s also making the mistaken assumption that admission to Columbia or Harvard Law in 2011 works the same way it did in the 80′s.  What Trump fails to see is that the admissions process to even “lesser” schools has changed dramatically in the last decade; and that was after changing even more dramatically the decade before that.  Test scores have gone through the roof, racial preference has come and gone and come again in a different form, and wonderful little resume-builders like “community organizing” have carried weight with hippie administrators regardless of the decade.

The reality is this.  Just like any senior partner at the biggest law firms of this country would tell you that they couldn’t get through the front door of their firms under current hiring practices, President Obama probably would not get admitted today to Harvard Law – even with his community organizing background – if he was the “terrible student” Mr. Trump says he was.  The game has changed.  And make no mistake.  It is a game; and liberal hippies make all the rules.  So, if Mr. Trump is wondering why his rich, (probably) white, (possibly) conservative friends’ kids can’t get into Harvard and Columbia, he should probably remember that he’s talking about institutions that pride themselves on “righting the wrongs” done by rich, white folk, like him; and his friends.

But even if one was to argue that President Obama’s respective admissions to Columbia and Harvard Law were blessed with the hand of something racially preferential, should such an argument really give rise to claims of racism?  Hasn’t the President himself admitted as much?  Hasn’t the President acknowledge that Affirmative Action played a substantial role in his getting where he is today?

Instapundit – echoes Mickey Kaus and asks “Why not debate Affirmative Action?”  Why is it racist to talk about Affirmative Action?  Didn’t the President acknowledge that he benefited from it?

Kaus:  What’s wrong with having a debate over affirmative action? Is Sharpton saying African-Americans don’t get into Ivy League schools because of affirmative action? If not, then what’s the point of having it?**

Seeing a dead end or at least a road toward conflicting talking points with this racist Ivy League admissions / Affirmative Action talk, the Left transitioned to the path that lies ahead for political discourse as 2012 approaches.

Looking Ahead… as Liberal Progressives always do – evinced through their fiscal policy, of course.

Tavis Smiley: 2012 Will Be “The Most Racist” Election Ever

“I said over a year ago that this was going to be, this presidential race, Lawrence, was going to be the ugliest, the nastiest, the most divisive, and the most racist in the history of this Republic,” PBS host Tavis Smiley said on MSNBC.

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz: Republican Party Stands For Racism – who knew?

“This is what the Republican Party stands for though: racism. I think Donald Trump is a racist.”

Haley Barbour’s Out of the GOP Field, But Racist Campaigning’s Here to Stay

Daniels and Pawlenty are considered the sober ones in the Republicans’ 2012 field. Because they are sitting governors, they’re the more serious players, the counterweights to the Michele Bachmanns and Donald Trumps. That’s an indication of just how extreme our political landscape has become in the past three years, since the 2008 primary field began emerging. Then, the question was whether a long-shot, but promising young black senator could challenge the establishment’s Hillary Clinton. Today, the question is whether racist scapegoating will be dressed up as fiscal conservatism or parade itself nakedly as anti-immigrant xenophobia.

That shift in political tone is no doubt owing to the fact that the president is a black man, as many have opined. But it’s also a reflection of the Republican Party’s active exploitation of the anxieties stirred among white voters witnessing irreversible cultural and economic changes. That strategy has proven successful for them—the 2010 elections witnessed some of the most divisive campaigning in modern history, and they produced sweeping Republican victories. Republican candidates in campaigns ranging from county sheriff to the presidency will surely deploy it again. Trump is just the beginning.

Okay then.  We Republicans are big fat racists; or so it seems.

Obviously perplexed by this development, I can’t help but wonder how we’ve arrived at this unfortunate destination.  The Left, which purports to be the “racially-enlightened” side of the political universe seems fixated on race.  Where can we go if this is where the conversation begins?

Setting Donald Trump aside; I guess my question is this…  Why is the Left always so quick to head down the road to race-ville?  Why must everything inevitably be about race?  Why does the conversation always find its way back here?  It seems to start here, come back here, and end here – all without even a hint of assistance from the Party that is supposed to be driving it.  What’s the deal?

I suppose that’s more than one question.  Again, my apologies.  I’m more than a little confused.  But they did provide a spark of curiosity.  Could the Left really just be somehow reflecting its own racist tendencies upon Republicans and the Right?  Could they truly know; somewhere deep inside their cold and narrow-minded psyches that they voted for a man  – at least in part – because of the color of his skin?  Could they now be assuming that we must have voted against him for an equally as childish and ignorant reason?  Could this curiosity on their part; this burden; this buried guilt; really be the catalyst that is driving the Republicans are Racists narrative?

Now I’m typically more schadenfreude than Freud-Freud, but I think this really may have some legs.  Just think about it.  When was the last time you heard any of these race-baiting morons get fired up about a conservative saying the President “needed to get off the golf course?”  Oh, but as soon as Trump said he needed to “get off his basketball court” the proverbial feces hit the fan.  Do black guys not play golf?  Do white folks not play basketball?  Hey there Tiger Woods.  How you doing Steve Nash?

And when Trump questioned the President’s admission to Columbia and Harvard Law, the pushback wasn’t that Trump was an idiot that hadn’t the slightest clue how Affirmative Action worked or works; or that he was so blinded by the glare of his silver spoon in his mouth that he couldn’t fathom how his rich friends’ self-described “smart kids” were denied admission.  No, it was that he was racist, that Mr. Trump was drawing the conclusion that a Black man could not get into Harvard Law on his own accord.

Oh and the irony of that “education debate” in the first place.  After eight years of hearing how stupid, idiotic, moronic, and “retarded” the former President Bush was, we now find ourselves in an era where questioning the President’s intelligence lands us squarely in the camp with the Klan.  We’re donning white sheets now for questioning policy, and we’re burning crosses for disagreeing with ideology.  Awesome.  Anyone want to tell me why Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton weren’t “being racist” when they objected to nearly every word and deed of their now beloved President’s predecessor?

Oh that’s right.  Because the people that get to play the role of arbiter for all things racist, race-baiting, and racially insensitive are the ones with the longest track records of actually engaging in racial politics.  I suppose that’s fair.  They are the ones with first-hand experience.  Remember the Reverend Jesse Jackson’s little Hymie-Town tirade?

Washington Post:

Rev. Jesse Jackson referred to Jews as “Hymies” and to New York City as “Hymietown” in January 1984 during a conversation with a black Washington Post reporter, Milton Coleman. Jackson had assumed the references would not be printed because of his racial bond with Coleman, but several weeks later Coleman permitted the slurs to be included far down in an article by another Post reporter on Jackson’s rocky relations with American Jews.

A storm of protest erupted, and Jackson at first denied the remarks, then accused Jews of conspiring to defeat him. The Nation of Islam’s radical leader Louis Farrakhan, an aggressive anti-Semite and old Jackson ally, made a difficult situation worse by threatening Coleman in a radio broadcast and issuing a public warning to Jews, made in Jackson’s presence: “If you harm this brother [Jackson], it will be the last one you harm.”

Or when he said he wanted to cut Barack-Obama’s “Nuts out”…

NY POST:  In a vulgar tirade caught on tape by Fox News, the Rev. Jesse Jackson said he wanted to “cut his [Barack Obama’s] nuts out” and he accused the fellow Chicagoan of “talking down to black folks” by giving moral lectures to African-Americans, source said Jackson’s shocking quotes were picked up by a hot mic before an interview on health care in Fox’s Chicago studio last Sunday

And then there’s the fine Reverend Sharpton…

From Jeff Jacoby via Michelle Malkin:

1987: Sharpton spreads the incendiary Tawana Brawley hoax, insisting heatedly that a 15-year-old black girl was abducted, raped, and smeared with feces by a group of white men. He singles out Steve Pagones, a young prosecutor. Pagones is wholly innocent — the crime never occurred — but Sharpton taunts him: “If we’re lying, sue us, so we can . . . prove you did it.” Pagones does sue, and eventually wins a $345,000 verdict for defamation. To this day, Sharpton refuses to recant his unspeakable slander or to apologize for his role in the odious affair.

1991: A Hasidic Jewish driver in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights section accidentally kills Gavin Cato, a 7-year-old black child, and antisemitic riots erupt. Sharpton races to pour gasoline on the fire. At Gavin’s funeral he rails against the “diamond merchants” — code for Jews — with “the blood of innocent babies” on their hands. He mobilizes hundreds of demonstrators to march through the Jewish neighborhood, chanting, “No justice, no peace.” A rabbinical student, Yankel Rosenbaum, is surrounded by a mob shouting “Kill the Jews!” and stabbed to death.

1995: When the United House of Prayer, a large black landlord in Harlem, raises the rent on Freddy’s Fashion Mart, Freddy’s white Jewish owner is forced to raise the rent on his subtenant, a black-owned music store. A landlord-tenant dispute ensues; Sharpton uses it to incite racial hatred. “We will not stand by,” he warns malignantly, “and allow them to move this brother so that some white interloper can expand his business.” Sharpton’s National Action Network sets up picket lines; customers going into Freddy’s are spat on and cursed as “traitors” and “Uncle Toms.” Some protesters shout, “Burn down the Jew store!” and simulate striking a match. “We’re going to see that this cracker suffers,” says Sharpton’s colleague Morris Powell. On Dec. 8, one of the protesters bursts into Freddy’s, shoots four employees point-blank, then sets the store on fire. Seven employees die in the inferno.

If Sharpton were a white skinhead, he would be a political leper, spurned everywhere but the fringe. But far from being spurned, he is shown much deference. Democrats embrace him. Politicians court him. And journalists report on his comings and goings while politely sidestepping his career as a hatemongering racial hustler.

I’d like to tell you that I “ignore” the MSM and the Left-Wing media.  Again, I’d like to tell you that.  I just can’t.  I follow what they’re putting out there.  I’d be a fool think blissful ignorance of what they’re churning out would somehow make it “go away” or have less traction.  The world just doesn’t work like that.  Stupid people say stupid things, and even “stupider” people run with them.  That’s’ how “news” works; and that’s what makes the MSM and the Left’s go-to-strategy so effective.  Hell, it’s what has made Donald Trump so effective.  Did you see his daily headline grabber?  F-Bombs as a publicity stunt?

So anyways, the Left has decided that the age-old Republicans want to take your Medicare and Social Security fear-mongering will only get them so far, so they’ve decided to change the narrative to one that depicts Republicans as “racists.”  Obviously, this isn’t exactly breaking new ground and blazing new trails for our progressive hippie friends, but it is rather novel the approach they’re taking – trying to paint Donald Trump as a racist.  And then trying to link him to the Party as if he’s a reflection of the greater whole – as if he’s even a Republican.  And obviously also ignoring the true question of whether he’s actually a “racist”; or if he simply suffers from self-promoting d-bag syndrome and just can’t make himself shutup – about anything.

So in the eyes of the MSM and the Progressive/Liberal Left, all Republicans are racists.  Pretty clever how they pull stuff like that off.  I mean I have this humble little site – Republican Redefined.  You’d think I would have been told that I was supposed to begin behaving in a racist manner.  You’d think a little warning would have been sent my way so I could have dug deep into my Southern Evangelical roots, and really pumped out some noteworthy commentary.  But nope.  Nothing.

But wait.  I thought we were in a post-racial era in American politics, no?  Isn’t that what Barack Obama’s election was meant to signify?  Wasn’t his coronation inauguration supposed to represent a “righting” of wrongs; an opening of doors; a glorious day of enlightened political debate and social discourse?  No?  Still sticking with the race thing, huh?  What the hell?

Is anyone else pissed that they too were left off the “memo” distribution list, because I am furious?  I’m overlooked on the whole “civility in politics” thing – first when it was originally “sent out” and then when it got rescinded; and now I’ve once again been left out in the cold not knowing that race was back in politics, guns-a-blazing.  WTF folks?  Yes, Where’s The Fun in that?

I think I might have had something worthwhile to contribute. I’m a token Southern conservative that’s lived in the Melting Pot of New York City for much of the last decade.  If there’s anyone that should have received that memo; trust me when I tell you it’s me.

And come on Republican leadership; hello RNC Chairman Priebus; how you gonna leave a brotha out of the loop? Republicans shifting into NeoCon-FEDERATE mode?  I thought I’d be the first one you called.  Not even a heads up that the Republican Party was going racial?

Admittedly in the dark about this new development, it seems I’m a bit behind in getting on this bigoted bandwagon.  Lost, confused, and befuddled, I’m left with no choice but to turn to the Left to see where I’m supposed to be at with this newly minted strategy.

And they say I’m racist.  Someone wanna tell me how to go about this?  Rev Sharpton?  Rev Jackson.  Where you at?


It seems to me that bringing race into the political conversation is the calling card of the intellectually bankrupt.  When all else fails, turn to race.  It’s effective.  It forces the accused to go on the defensive, and it distracts the audience from the real debate.  It’s brilliant really.

Michelle Malkin has a different perspective.

“The race card hasn’t been the last refuge of liberal scoundrels. It is always the first refuge of liberal scoundrels so this is nothing new. Every time a conservative coughs, sneezes or breathes, it is racist.”

Maybe she’s right?  This election season is still in its infant stages and they’re already resorting to racial politics.  A starting point rather than a bunker of last defense does seem more reflective.

Maybe she’s right, maybe she’s wrong; but if I had to put cold cash on the line, I’d say it boils down to something a little less rooted in party affiliation or political ideology.  Sure, that’s where they’ve taken it, but I believe its origins come from something simple – weakness.

And no, I don’t mean “weakness” in the political sense.  My ideological preference predetermines my bias against that side’s political arguments, so that’s not what I’m talking about.  What I’m getting at is weakness of the mind, body, and spirit.  It’s a supreme lack of confidence and self-worth.  Sure there may be some arguments to be made that their insecurities have been institutionalized through the oppressive framework of the American Culture, but come one.  We’re a generation removed from the Civil Rights Movement and the next generation will have to Google Search to even know what it is we’re talking about when we make reference to it.

It’s time to move on folks.  It’s time to rise above it.  If you really want to free yourselves from the chains that generations wrapped around you, turn the key.  Grow a pair and embrace the hand your Creator dealt you, thank those who made the trail less bumpy, and send the message to future generations that you’re an American; not an oppressed man living in an America.

The truth of it is this, and I know you’re going to hate to hear this my Lefty friends, we are living in a post-racial era in American society.  We’ve moved on.  It’s “ya’ll” that didn’t get the friggin memo.  Dust off the desktop and open that email chain your grandson sent you.  Take a look at the world of this new century.  The nation that half a decade ago refused to let minorities drink from public water fountains just elected an Black President – named Barack Hussein Obama.  We’re not dreaming of a post-racial era, we’re living in it.  It’s your side that wants to take us back.