Blackwell running for RNC Chairman!

Ken Blackwell announced on Facebook today that he is going to run for RNC chair.  (www.facebook.com/home.php?#/note.php?note_id=37876822402&ref=nf)  This is awesome news!  While Steele and the others mentioned would do a decent job, I believe that Blackwell is the top choice so far, especially since someone like Gingrich isn’t going to run. Steele, while a decent guy, is a little too questionable for social conservatives to be able to run as well as possible.

Blackwell is a solid three-legged conservative and I don’t think that either fiscons or socons can complain about what he did in Ohio. He wants to reorganize and change the way that the RNC operates and is proposing an “RNC Conservative Resurgance Plan” according to his official letter on Facebook. The only downside is that possibly the Republican problems in Ohio might come up, but he wasn’t closely enough connected to cause a problem.