It seems Entitlement isn't just a type of spending

When the word was leaked that President Obama uttered the phrase “I Won” during his meeting with Congressional leaders this week over the stimulus package, it didn’t really bother me at first. I mean, he did win, and he gets the right to gloat to anyone he chooses, especially us Republicans, for at least a little bit. But the more I think about it, the more it seems President Obama believes his win entitles him to whatever he chooses. Notice he said “I” won, not “we,” as in the Democratic Party. He honestly believes that because he won the election, that he is entitled to HIS stimulus package. Never mind that he is about to engage in the same “cut taxes and spend more” economic philosophy that he decried for the past two years, the same one deems the major cause of the current economic hardships. Mr. President, wouldn’t it make sense to, oh I don’t know, NOT do the thing that you say caused the recession? Am I seeing some cracks in the cross, eh Messiah? Economics 101, you either cut taxes or spend more, never both, especially not at the same time. But that’s not the point.

The Presiden’t statement reflects a sickening quality of today’s politicians. That being that they actually think that they are entitled to not only the seat they hold, but also to do anything they please while holding it. It starts at the local level with your Board of Supervisors or your City Council and works it’s way all the way up to the White House itself. They seem to have forgotten that for most Americans, NOTHING is handed to us. We have to work for everything we have and we actually have to accomplish something to be rewarded. If we run our company into a deficit, and fail to fix it, we get fired. Our leaders have forgotten that one word every true patriot loves…RECALL! In the United State, as quickly as we make you, we can break you. And if we can’t get rid of you right away, it just makes it all the more sweeter when we do. If you do one thing for the next four years, remember to remind your leaders, whether they be local or state or federal, that they are employed by the meanest boss in the world….the American Taxpayer. Remind them that just like us, they aren’t entitled to anything.