Creating a Dangerous Precedent

Let me start off by saying that when Timothy Geithner was first introduced as Treasury Secretary-designate I was semi-pleased. While I would have preferred Sheila Bair or even Larry Summers, the more I looked into Mr. Geithner’s past the more qualified he seemed. That all changed when his “indiscretions” in regards to his taxes came up. At first, they seemed like an honest mistake, one that he corrected as soon as he became aware. Then, we come to find out that he had been sent warning after warning from the IMF regarding his income and the taxes he needed to pay on them before the IRS came knocking.

Then, as I was watching his confirmation hearings (I happened to tune in right as Sen. Kyl’s questioning on the subject began), I noticed this unnerving cockiness coming from Mr. Geithner. He first danced around Sen. Kyl’s question about whether or not he had been thinking about the statute of limitations in regards to not paying his 01-02 taxes (which, ironically, would have been perfectly fine) or whether he simply didn’t think about it. Then, he actually had the nerve to admit the thought simply didn’t cross his mind, which not only seemed to take Sen. Kyl aback, but also showed the very quality of a tax cheat he proclaims not to be.

However, that’s not the point, and in the scheme of things it really doesn’t matter. It also doesn’t matter that the MSM made a much bigger stink over Sarah Palin’s per-diem problem, which was entirely legal, then they have over Mr. Geithner’s tax fraud. The point is, that by confirming Mr. Geithner to head the very agency that collects the very taxes he failed to pay, he gives every other future tax-evader a very, very big out. Now, any time anyone fails to pay their taxes, the IRS will be unable to charge any fines on those people, since it didn’t on Mr. Geithner. It will be very hard to punish anyone for not paying there taxes when the head of the agency that collects them didn’t pay his.

If that seemed rambling to you, let me make it simpler. Would you hire an illegal immigrant to run Homeland Security? Would you hire an oil executive to run Energy? Would you hire an ex-con to run Justice? Would you hire a drug lord to run National Drug Policy?

If any of those answers are yes, then Mr. Geithner should be confirmed. If no, well then, say goodbye Timothy.