Meet the next DNC Chairman

So, I just heard on my local news that Tim Kaine, the Governor of Virginia, has been “chosen” by President-elect Obama to be the next Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, replacing Howard Dean who will step down January 21st. Here’s the story from my local CBS affiliate:

WASHINGTON (AP) – President-elect Barack Obama has selected Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine as the next chairman of the Democratic National Committee, two Democrats said Sunday.

The officials spoke to The Associated Press on a condition of anonymity because the decision had not yet been officially announced. The Washington Post first reported the selection Sunday on its Web site.

Kaine plans to work at the party part-time until 2010, when his term as governor is up and he can take over the DNC full-time.

It then goes on to say that Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, who ran Obama’s ground campaign, will serve as the DNC’s Executive Director.

I know many other Virginian’s frequent this board, and I’m sure the rest of you are wondering, like I am, what Tim Kaine has done to merit a reward such as this, other than being Obama’s best bud. He will likely go down in history as one of Virginia’s worst Governors, and now, during a time of serious financial hardship, he goes out and gets a part-time job? As a Virginia citizen, I’m quite frankly disgusted. He either does the Chairman thing full-time or he governs full-time, not both. We don’t need someone running our state and making decisions for our future that is preoccupied with other, bigger things. Shame on Tim Kaine for turning his back on Virginia once again.

If only it were January, 2010 already.