More bears, more ice, oh my!

I like to say that I’m most conservative where it matters, on taxes and spending. But what I believe when it comes to climate change probably runs a close second.

Recently, I found reports that say that not only have the ice levels increased this year, by some 6-10 million square kilometers in some places, but (SHOCKER!) there are more polar bears than in recent years. Wait a minute, the very animal that was to be “most directly affected by global warming” is actally prospering?!? What does this do the the “Global Warming” panicists like Al Gore?I’ve always taken a very common sense approach to our changing climate. I think about it like this: If global warming is man-made, then who caused it after the last ice age? There were hardly any people around then (no way to guess), yet almost all the ice melted and we were left with our current land formations. What, were the animals at fault? No wait, the fires that the nomads build were SO strong that they burned a hole in the ozone layer and boom, no more ice! Gimme a break.

If the bears and the ice weren’t enough, NOAA has said this year will be the coolest in 11 years. How in the blue hell can there be global “warming” when in fact the planet is cooling?

Look, I do believe that humans do play at least some role in climate change. To say that we don’t in any way would be like saying people have no role in lowering the level of fuel in their cars. It’s just not a logical argument. But are we the only reason? Absolutely not. Are we the main reason? No, because the planet has been warming and cooling since the beginning of time, irrespective of how many people were on it. So to blame us and us alone is absolutely absurd. Just like the economy, our planet is a highly complex and continuously evolving thing. I don’t think anyone will ever have all the answers when it comes to climate change.

It seems to me that people ignore the ozone depletion and focus totally on the melting ice caps. In fact, I can’t remember one instance during the campaign where any candidate talked about the ozone layer. Well, guess what, people? While its depletion did cause the temperatures to rise slightly, Ozone can be rebuilt, and if we can get the Ozone layer back to even just 1990 levels, the planet will continue to cool. People talk about the oceans rising due to melting ice, but in reality we are actually overdue for another “Ice event,” and I would bet we see the Northern Hemisphere become a skating rink before we see Florida become a nice big swimming pool.

I do respect those people with other beliefs on Global Warming, but when you really think about it, and when you take history into account, to put it plainly and simply, they are wrong.