The Bushes: What's Next?

Not much has been made yet of just what President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush will do come January 21, 2009. Reports have surfaced that the couple is likely to sell their Crawford ranch and purchase a new home in the suburbs of Dallas. Of course they will write books and so on, but what else?

President Bush:I am of the thought (as I’m sure most here are) that history will judge George W. Bush much better than he has been judged in the present. Remember who was a “bad” President when he left office? Harry Truman. Now, ol’ Harry is considered by scholars to be one the best Presidents ever. Bush will be remembered I think for his strong resolve and incredible resiliance. I would like to see him become an elder statesman on the order of his father. Possibly start up his own foundation. If Iraq succeeds, like we all know it will, hopefully President Obama will call on him for advice at times and hopefully, he won’t attempt to claim credit for a war he thought was unwinnable.

Laura BushI hope that the First Lady stays in the public eye. I know she is going to write a book, but I would love to possibly see her become the Executive Director of UNICEF, a position made for her. However, I’m one of the people that think she could do great things in an elected office. Maybe she could replace KBH in the Senate? I think she’s a better politician than Hillary. She has that “Palin Quality” that endears her to almost everyone (her popularity rating has never been below 70%) and makes her seem “real.”

Whatever the Bushes choose to do, George W. and Laura Bush will, I think, be remembered as one of the greatest political tag-teams in history.