I wish I was kidding.

That is how much the Obama’s will spend this year on their 10 and 7 year old daughters education. The Obama’s announced today that their daughters will attend the Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C. come January.

I am beyond stunned. In perhaps the worst economic downturn in 50 years, the Obama’s are going to spend more this year to send their daughters to private school than my ENTIRE college career will cost. What kind of message does that send? Certainly not that he’s “one of us.”The Obama’s will claim that it’s for security reasons. But the simple fact remains that the Obama girls have ALWAYS attended private school, even before he became “The One.” They have just as much of a chance of something possibly happening to them in a private school setting as they do in a public one. Unless Sidwell is guarded by armes Brown Shirts, then anyone that wants to harm the Obama children, god forbid, will be able to.

How can Barack Obama expect to figure out what in the public education system needs to be fixed if he isn’t even willing to send his girls into the trenches. He would have gotten a lot more respect from me had he done so. I think what disappoints me more is that the family apparently didn’t even consider public school.

Oh, and another interesting tidbit. Sidwell Friends is the same school Chelsea Clinton attended. Yea, because we need yet another Obama-Clinton connection.

Sorry, Mr. President-elect. Strike One.