Thompson/Yob may run for RNC Chair

This is a very, very interesting idea. Don’t know what to think of it yet.

From the Boston Herald:

The fight for the Chairmanship of the Republican National Committee (RNC) seems to have more players on the field than a football game. However, a few serious contenders are emerging from the field such as Katon Dawson and Michael Steele.

In a new twist today former Presidential candidate and United States Senator Fred Thompson is poised to enter the race with a partner, Michigan National Committeeman Chuck Yob, as his co-chairman. Thompson would be the public face/spokesman of the RNC while Yob run the Party’s operations.

This partnership of Thompson and Yob could be the winning combination. Already they seem to be gaining momentum. As of tonight Oklahoma Republican Chairman Gary Jones has endorsed the ticket. “We have an extremely large task ahead of us and Senator Thompson has the art of message. When he speaks people listen,” stated Jones. “Chuck Yob is a strong grassroots organizer. As a businessman Chuck will be able to manage the resources of the Party. It is an attractive combination.”

Certainly there is more than enough work in rebuilding the GOP that it might take co-chairmen to get the job and change the direction of our party. Keep your eye on this ticket.