Republicanism, not Conservatism, is dead.

I’ve come to realize over the past week that it is not Conservatism that is dead, but it is Republicanism that the voters have buried. The fact remains that this country is still a center-right nation. It has been that way for a long, long time, and it will be that way far into the future. Most Americans favor low taxes, small government, and little to no federal intervention. They believe that they, not the government, can best solve their problems.

When George Bush won the White House in 2000, he promised to be a conservative like no other. However, when Republicans took control of Congress two years later, that all changed. Now, I know they had to deal with 9/11 and the wars that followed, but that does not change the fact that over the past eight years, government has grown tremendously. Discretionary spending has risen, and the influence of special interests has gone up exponentially. The massive amount of pork in our budgets should be proof enough.

While Republicans may not be directly to blame for the problems that are arising in our economy, we must remember that it has been the GOP that has been in power more in the past 8 years than the Democrats. So, we must be willing to accept a wider portion of the blame.

Quite honestly, the GOP became greedy. Once they got into power, they forgot the very principles we stand for. We must return to those tenets if we have any chance of regaining our former glory. The American people did not throw us to the wolves, they simply took us to the woodshed. It is up to us, the grassroots of the Republican Party, to hold our leaders to account and not let them forget what they stand for.

Remember, the people of the UK once lost faith in the Conservatives. They now see the error of there ways and are on the verge of returning them to power. And why are they doing that? The UK Conservatives have gone back to basics, and the people like what they’ve seen. It won’t be long, maybe 2010 if we’re lucky, before the American people realize that members of the Republican party aren’t Republicans, we’re first and foremost Conservatives.