Obligatory first post of the year

Yes it’s the New Year – 2012

As this year begins, there is a tight battle going on for the Republican nomination. Mitt Romney is barely on top of the list of contenders and the first caucus will be in two days. Then, on January 7 in Manchester, New Hampshire ABC will air another debate.

Oh, JOY!

This will give the other candidates a chance to attack Mitt Romney mercilessly.

You know Newt Gingrich will take advantage of this moment. Of course, he won’t call it attacking or being negative it will be ”contrasting their positions.” I just hope he does not continue complaining about the ”negative ads” running against him.

You know Rick Santorum will be on the attack. Right now, he is surging in Iowa and he could possibly win. Personally, I think he will. He is a strong social conservative and Iowa loves social conservatives.

Rick Perry. Well, Rick Perry will just continue doing whatever it is Rick Perry is doing. It is never a good sign when a campaign is pointing fingers for their poor performance.

Ron Paul will have an opprtunity to explain his newsletters.

Michele Bachman may not be there if she performs in the Iowa caucus as the polls suggest. If she is present it will be interesting to see which of the candidates will have to fend her off. In just about every debate, she has manged to take a bite out of someone with either facts or conjured information.

Here is the best part- On January 8, NBC will be airing another debate!


This second debate is for all those people who were unable to watch the first debate(or the other 13) because it was a Saturday night or they actually have lives to live.

Finally, The New Hampshire primary will occur on January 10 and while Mitt Romney is favored to win, it will be his margin of victory that is important. Of course,  all of you who follow politics knows this, but like the title suggest this is just an obligatory first post of the year.

If any of this is new information for you I say: WAKE UP! IT’S THE NEW YEAR!

There are a lot of important things happening this year.