It's Christmas Time

As you can tell I have not been posting much this month.   I just have not had much extra time to write about all the aggravating garbage that has been going on politically. The two main topics this month have been the Republican primary and the payroll tax holiday.

It’s Christmas time so I’m going to be quick and charitable in what I have to say.

As for the Republican primary, the debates are over, at least for a little while.

Thank God.

I do not know which became more intolerable the debates themselves or people telling me who won the debate. Usually people who have a hatred for one candidate or another and could not possibly watch a debate objectively if their lives depended upon it. This applies equally to the so-called professional pundits and all of us who take to keyboard to voice our opinion. Most particularly disturbing, are the pundits who refuse to endorse any candidate but have no problem denigrating the candidates they do not like. There are a few of them out there and in the spirit of Christmas charity I will drop the issue.

I won’t go on about one particular radio personality who, single-handedly, eliminated a candidate before he even got into the race..

Okay, I said I would drop it.

As for this payroll holiday fiasco, I will not point any fingers at anyone for what has transpired. This is my true act of Christmas charity. Instead I will let this video express my feelings:


Now for a little Christmas spirit. My whole life I have loved the Peanuts. I have never been a religious fellow but I have always been moved by Linus’s monologue in “A Charlie Brown  Christmas.” So here it is:


Merry Christmas to all. Most of all to our service men and women who sacrifice so much to defend our right to say crazy things!