The Saturday Night Farce

When the series of debates began, I thought they were fun.

But I’m a political junkie.

I’m suffering from an overdose.

I’m not going to mention the infamous 53 seconds endured by Rick Perry.

Okay, maybe not.

It can’t go without comment.

As I have said numerous times, I don’t like Rick Perry. I never did and I never will, but I never, EVER, wanted to see the man go through something like that. Take us to last night’s foreign policy debate and I’m pleased to say Rick Perry performed competently. Oh, I still do not like him. I never will and I certainly do not think his performance was campaign saving like many of his ardent supporters believe, but hey, anything to get rid of the taste in our mouths from the previous debate.

Now that I addressed the Elephant in the room.

Okay, maybe not an elephant. Elephants are known for their memories.

You know I had to do one joke.

These debates are now becoming charactertures of the candidates and the media. The media continues to attempt to get the candidates to slit each other’s throats and fortunately all the candidates are no longer falling into that particular trap. Last night, CBS debate moderator, Scott Pelly, seemed more intent on bullying the candidates than allowing them to answer the questions fairly.

I’m not going to do an in-depth analysis of this debate. It was the 11th debate and I think we have about another 500 more to go before the Iowa caucus.

The bottom line on this debate, Rick Perry wins because he showed the world he knows how to tie his shoes.

The losers are CBS and National Journal for producing a poorly structured, poorly moderated, poorly timed debate.

The biggest losers?

Those of us who had nothing better to do on a Saturday Night.