The Republican's Bad Day

Politics is the art or science of governing.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

I learned this definition more years ago than I wish to admit.

Campaigns are meant to present voters a clear message as to why a politician’s vision is worthy of their support. 

Yesterday, was a bad day for the three Republican front-runners.

I’ll start with Rick Perry. In case this is unknown, I don’t like Rick Perry. I say this to be fair, not to denigrate him.

I want to denigrate him.

I do.

But I won’t.

See, this is me not denigrating him.

Yesterday, the Governor from Texas released a “bold” new tax plan. The day should have been about him hitting the campaign trail selling his new plan, leading to major headlines about his tax reform plan. Instead of the talk being about his plan, the headlines are: “Rick Perry: I Don’t care if tax plan helps the rich”, “Rick Perry calls Mitt Romney a Fat Cat”  and if you are not hearing those headlines, you are hearing about Rick Perry keeping alive the birther movement or mentioning President Obama’s grades.

This is called stepping on your own message.

Mitt Romney yesterday went to a Republican Party phone bank in Ohio and refused to support Governor Kasich’s reform plans. Something he previously supported on his facebook page.

This is called a mix message, something Governor Romney knows very well.

Finally, we have Herman Cain’s web ad. This, well see for yourself:

Unless this ad was a meant to be a cigarette commercial, this is called a lost message.

I’m not sure I can think of a time when three major candidates running for President committed significant campaign mistakes ON THE SAME DAY!

Congratulations candidates!

You hit the trifecta; A stepped on message, a mixed message and a lost message. What’s the pay-off: 4 more years of President Obama!

Candidates, get your acts together! If you don’t, Obama will run right over you and America’s malaise will continue.