Showdown at the Reagan Library

The Republican primary has finally become interesting. How ironic the fight began at the Reagan Library. Yes, I have mentioned Reagan’s 11th commandment “thou shall not speak ill of another Republican,” however, I’m fairly certain he broke that commandment when running against President Ford. 

The hype leading up to Governor Perry’s debut was intriguing, when I saw him on stage I expected the “Clint Eastwood whistle” from “The Good,, The Bad & The Ugly.” What Perry gave was the infamous “Boing” from the same movie. He came out swinging at Mitt Romney and Romney, to my surprise,  popped him right back. It was like watching a bulldog get hit in the snout with a rolled up newspaper. During the debate it got bad enough for Perry to complain about feeling like a pinata at a party. I don’t remember Clint ever making such complaints. Since it was his first debate, I’m not going to rail on Governor Perry. If he does not improve in the upcoming debates I will have plenty of opportunity to ”speak ill” of him. Suffice it to say, I do not agree with many of the “professional pundits” this morning claiming Perry was strong last night.

Mitt Romney still has problems because of his healthcare plan in Massachusetts, but last night was his strongest performance yet. Maybe, Rick Perry will make Romney a stronger candidate. We will see. 

As for the other candidates, just about all of them would be a better President than the current occupant in the White House. Let me break them down.

Newt Gingrich – I like having him out on the stage. He makes some good points and I think he provides a compass for the other candidates. But he was off last night when he confronted the moderator for trying to get the candidates to “attack” each other. Sorry Mr Speaker, that is what a debate is about, compare and contrast. To stand out a candidate sometimes has to attack their opponent.

Rick Santorum – I don’t remember much of what he had to say last night. I know he was there, I just don’t remember him saying anything important. I think he said he had seven kids, good for him.

Michele Bachman – Has anyone gone from winning the Iowa straw poll to obsolete faster?

John Huntsman  – He got my attention. He didn’t keep it long, but he did briefly get it.

Herman Cain – In the beginning, I had high hopes for the man. They have faded away, but I do like his message of fixing government.

Ron Paul – He has a loyal following, they swamp the phone banks to vote for him. With each debate, however, he acts more like the “crazy uncle in the attic.” The last debate it was fine with him for Iran to have a nuclear weapon. This debate he was more worried about a border fence designed to keep people in as opposed to keeping illegal immigrants out. The more I see him, the more I hear the theme to “The Twilight Zone” playing. I’m convinced a majority of his support is from those whose main issue is the legalization of drugs. 

As with all debates, it is more important that the candidates come off looking good than what they actually say( except for Ron Paul, if you actually listen to what he says, you will always end up shaking your head). In the end, it is usually one line that wins a debate. Romney had that line last night when he said, Perry’s claim of creating jobs in Texas was the same as Al Gore claiming to invent the internet.

We have another debate this Monday then one following on September 22.

Tonight the President speaks!

And I will be watching all these events.


Because I don’t have a life.

Just kidding.

Okay, maybe not.