Needed, a little levity

I know it is a busy time, politically and econmically for our country. Yesterday our leaders held another meeting about the debt ceiling and will hold more today. That, in of itself, makes it even more imperative to find a good laugh.

Growing up, one of my favorite comic strips was Doonesbury.

I hear my conservative friends:

“that bankity-blank piece of liberal blankity-blank Doonesbury! Blankity-blank-blank….BLANK!”.

Yup. That one.

I was such a fan, when Doonesbury-The Musical opened on Broadway November 21, 1983, for my birthday, November 26, my mother got me tickets. The play lasted 104 performances.

I loved it.

I was a kid. What did I know?

I still have the playbill somewhere.

Political agenda aside, Doonesbury over the years always looked at what was wrong with the world and got us to laugh at the absurdity. I took these from Doonesbury.com, enjoy them, then head over there to see the history of the strip and have a good laugh. My conservative friends beware! It is located at Slate.com.

I think I heard one of them faint. 

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