My Partisan Fix

It could be the company I keep, but lately it seems the partisan rhetoric from the left is getting more shrill. From the bogus commercial of a Republican throwing grandma over a cliff, to the reasons why Rep. Weiner should not resign. From Jon Stewart being blinded by his own ideology, while at the same time saying he is not driven by it. To the “Frack No” sticker in one of my neighbor’s windows. To understand the sign, you need to know what fracking is and I’m even going to give the environmentalist’s point of view, from SourceWatch:

Fracking (also often referred to as hydraulic fracturing or hydrofracking) is a process in which a fluid is injected at high pressure into oil or methane gas deposits to fracture the rock above and release the liquid or gas below. The process and its aftermath has generated controversy because of harm to drinking water and health where it has been used, in Colorado and New Mexico, and more recently in expanded drilling plans in the Marcellus shale in New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and other mid-Atlantic states.

Now for the other side, go to “ten things to know about fracking”.

Everything is divided. Right down to the polls. A few weeks ago Rasmussen had Governor Christie at 53%, today a Quinnipiac poll has him at 44% and women don’t like him. Living in one of the bluest counties in New Jersey, I can tell you there is something wrong with the Quinnipiac poll. While his approval is not as high as 53%, his disapproval here, even among the Democrats I know, is not as bad as Quinnipiac would have people believe.

What is a fiscal conservative like me supposed to do in an environment like this? Get my own fix, that’s what.  Here it is, Andrew Klavan on the debt battle.