Why I Support the Nomination of Jeb Bush.

After reviewing the other available candidates and carefully weighing their qualifications, leadership ability, character, background, experience and philosophy, I have arrived at the conclusion that Jeb is far and away more qualified than any of them.

There are those who say that a major drawback to Jeb is that he would be a continuation of the Bush Dynasty. However, his probable major opponent, Hillary Clinton, carries the same stigma of dynasty entitlement. As such, I have to discount this factor.

Obviously, as a former governor of a major state, his resume far outpaces Hillary’s in the realm of executive experience and the ability to assemble a competent leadership team. The ability to assemble a good team is the foundation of establishing a good administration.

Further, while some would certainly consider Jeb more progressive than others, he is certainly far to the right side of the spectrum compared to Hillary. I honestly believe that the targeted electorate also is more to the right than Hillary, again, to the benefit of Jeb. Granted, Jeb is certainly further into the progressive agenda then I am but I have to consider if Jeb has an overall better chance of defeating Hillary because of the more moderate positions he has taken on things such as immigration and Common Core.

I also accept that he can be criticized as being another old white man but that is not much worse than being an old white woman. As such, I don’t think he gives any ground to that segment of the minority population who will refuse to vote for a white anything.

Consequently, I appeal to you to join with me in giving unwavering support to Jeb Bush becoming the nominee for President of the United States representing the Democrat Party.