What Do You Think They Died For?

On this Veterans Day I want each of you to ask yourself that simple question and it is a question that really should be asked of every American who inhabits our Country. Since the first 8 men were killed on Lexington Green, the men and women of what is now known as the United States have been dying and suffering around the world.

Our leaders, at any given time, have sent these Americans into harms way and many of their lives were cut short or permanently altered answering that call. But what did those who died, die for?

Many of us would say they died for our continued freedom and liberty. I am one of that many. But what of those on the Left, the so called liberals/progressives that have infested and turned the Democrat Party into a cesspool of irresponsibility at best and treason at worst? What do they answer?

Many would say they died for nothing because they lack the historical context to form a nexus between patriots’ blood and the tree of liberty. Many others would say they died for profit for our capitalistic system. While these misguided souls hold and cling to wrong assumptions, far more disturbing is that now so many of our citizens would have absolutely no opinion if asked the question. This is because in our schools, churches and homes they have never even been conveyed the knowledge of the true history of the wars that this Country has fought or have been confronted with the reality of the concept of self sacrifice of members of our armed forces. For this failure we will continue to pay dearly.

While today is the day we acknowledge the contributions of those who returned from the battlefields, I dare say that there is nary a one of them who hasn’t repeatedly asked themselves why some of their brothers in arms had to die.

But unless that answer is going to be that they died in vain, it is incumbent on this Nation to assure that every one of us be forced to confront within ourselves why those that died did so and hopefully a continuing majority will answer, “They died for me.”