Rick Perry Indicted.

OK, so this is going to be a very short diary because I am not commenting on the facts of Perry’s case. What I am commenting on is that our judicial system is rife with prosecutorial and law enforcement misconduct which is eroding the confidence of right thinking citizens in our whole legal justice system.

When I say right thinking I am referencing that segment of society that has traditionally supported law and order and those entrusted to maintain them. I used to be among that group. I am no longer. We have Duke Lacrosse players falsely indicted for rape for political purposes. We have Zimmerman indicted and tried for political purposes. We have Scooter Libby indicted,  tried and convicted for political purposes.

We have cops who have become living “Call of Duty” characters shooting people and their dogs and never answering for their crimes.

The result? When I first hear about a situation like in Ferguson, MO, I do not assume the cop is right, just the opposite. So justice system, the Left and the libertarians have long assumed you are crooked and corrupt. Congratulations, you are making it unanimous.