So This is What it Would Look Like

For as long as I can remember, and I probably can remember longer than most of you, one of the standard opening gambits in discussions about the exceptionalism of the United States from the Right has been, “What would the World be like without the United States?”. Often, the Left would respond under the theme of “We can’t be the World’s policeman”. Up until now, this has always been a hypothetical discussion. Further, I believe that neither side could really imagine the United States abrogating our responsibility as the most civilized, tolerant, successful and altruistic society the World has ever known.

However, ever since the spoiled rotten Baby Boomers erroneously concluded that they could think for themselves in the late 60s, a significant portion of our population has utilized our societal tolerance and success to indulge in the luxury of masking their personal insecurities and inferiority complexes that came with having food, clothing, shelter and education handed to them as opposed to their having to work for them like their parents. Those parents grew up in the minimalist 1930s, endured and succeeded in setting the World right in the 1940s and labored and created in the 1950s the prosperity that allowed the boomers to “do their own thing” in the 1960s.

Unfortunately, throughout the history of mankind when left to “do its own thing” mankind has always reverted to its most base form of existence. One only has to read the Old Testament( Judges is good) to see this pattern repeated over and over again. For secularists who actually possess the intellectual honesty to view human history cyclically rather than linearly, they attribute these cycles to a potpourri of natural factors. They are wrong. For those of us who believe that since the fall of Satan this World has been a battleground of good and evil we see these cycles as the result of mankind prospering by the hand of God, turning from the face of God and then returning to the grace of God. Of course, we are right.

Despite the empty arguments to the contrary, this nation was founded on Judeo-Christian ideals and traditions. Because of this, our nation has prospered and to us much has been given. But, to those who have received much, much is expected. When the United States emerged as a World economic power at the turn to the 20th century we found ourselves most reluctantly being required to use that power in the manner which our heritage demanded which was for doing good. Simply put, this was most exemplified in the sacrifices of this nation made during World War I, World War II and in Korea.

Of course, the last act of the exceptional generation was led by one of the prime products of that generation when Ronald Reagan won the Cold War. Unfortunately, by then it was time for the baby boomers to fill the slots of responsibility and what we got was the prime product of the 1960’s “do your own thing” in Bill Clinton and his concubine who exemplified the morally and ethically bankrupt portion of the baby boom generation. I say bankrupt because at least the generation of the 1960s had the opportunity to experience the morality and the ethics which brought the exceptional generation through the despair of the 1930s, the trials of the 1940s and the expansion of the 1950s. The fact they had it and lost it resulted in their being bankrupt of it.

However, now we are being led by a generation who are the spawn of the bankrupt Bill and Hillary portion of the baby boomers personified by Barack Obama, his advisers, those supporting members of Congress, its staff personnel and those who have infiltrated the bureaucracies of government at all levels. These people grew up never even knowing basically, right from wrong as their “do there own thing” parents had retained none of those concepts. Obama’s sad excuse of a mother is a prime example.

Because they don’t know right from wrong they have no moral compass nor, in fact, any core moral values. They can only go by how any particular thing makes them “feel” because they have never been required to test their feelings against any sense of responsibility. When we look at their actions within this context, we can see how plausible it is for Obama, Inc. to view the turmoil that takes place on the international stage without any true context of right or wrong and consequently, without it being “wrong” they and their United States has no responsibility.

Is it any wonder then that Obama, Inc. decided to “lead from behind” thereby letting the Middle East deteriorate into what we see happening today? It is actually in the character of our current leadership to not particularly care about the human suffering, not to particularly be able to sense the good or the evil, which side is which or to have any personal moral or ethical foundation which would require them to act and act decisively as leaders of the United States to support the good and vanquish the evil.

Consequently, our current leadership has turned the hypothetical into stark reality. Now we are seeing what the World would be like if there was no United States and we and the World are going to suffer mightily and rightfully for it.