Adios Herman and Good Effing Riddance!

From the very first time I heard Herman Cain speak my BS meter pegged. Subsequently, nothing he said nor the way he said it gave me any confidence that there was any substance behind the grin. His 999 Plan was a bad economic joke and he invoked it like a magic spell. In an sense it was because a lot of people actually took it seriously.

I grew to hate Herman when he played the Race Card against Rick Perry about the rock. Obama 2.0. Then his unorganized series of lies about the sexual harassment claims and his attack on the character of the women was Bill Clinton 2.0.  This highlighted that a lot of his support was coming from rightwingers with white guilt that couldn’t get their ablution from supporting King Barry like the leftwingers did.

Then is ludicrous performance at the editorial board concerning Libya was classic stupidity on display.

Thank goodness his longtime mistress came forward to put the final nail in the coffin that his campaign so richly deserves.

So adios you lying, cheating, shallow, victimized jerk. You had it coming.