Cain Reminds Me of Jimmy Carter

First, let me make myself clear, I have absolutely no interest in seeing Herman Cain get the nomination. He has shown me nothing but an inarticulate, flip-flopping neophyte who appears to be Romney’s “conservative” stalking horse. Were he to win the election, it would be his first. Anyone who has watched him over the last couple of weeks would have to be greatly concerned that in the general election, the MSM would rip him to shreads in every interview. He would do worse than McCain.

However, Cain has an even more problematical and fundamental flaw. Were he to be elected, he would suffer from the Jimmy Carter, Peanut Farmer Syndrome. For you younger readers, one of Carter’s major problems in office is that the Beltway elites of his own party, both elected and particularly Ivy League educated staff, viewed him a bumpkin, an outsider. Hence “The Peanut Farmer” was a derisive term and sat there to be used to magnify every Carter failure. This same concept was more recently applied in “Bush the Cowboy”.

So now some of you want to send up “Cain the Pizza Guy”? Convince me that our elitist Republican Congressional Leadership, both elected and staff, would spend more than 5 minutes considering anything Cain offered up. Not a frickin’ chance. We need an executive who has dealt with a legislative body. That’s Perry, Romney or Newt. Take your pick but forget Cain. Even if you like his 999 or 909 or what it’s gets marked down to along the way, he would never get it passed.