Are You a Fool?

Here is what I want in a GOP nominee.

1. Proven ability to win elections in tough environments against worthy opponents and raise the money it takes to do that.

2. Executive decision making experience like that of a governor in a major, politically diverse state.

3. Proven conservative credentials both socially and fiscally.

4. Maturity and wisdom that comes from making mistakes and demonstrably learning from them.

5. A faith in my God.

6. A demonstrable understanding of the role of our military in preserving our freedom and extending freedom to others willing to accept it.

7. A respect for this Country and enthusiasm for US exceptionalism.

8. A past that is an open book and reflects a common experience with the majority of Americans.

Now there is one thing I don’t require and that is the ability to answer gotcha questions from snotnose liberals and halfassed opponents in contrived settings without looking like he believes the questioner is an idiot.

Now, there are those of you who rate the last more important than the 8. You are fools.