The Ten Plagues of OBAMAKANEN

Well, I guess we can add earthquakes to the plagues that “Bad Luck Barry” has brought down on the US.  Gee, a 5.9 quake, that should be good to blame the bad economy on for a month or so. One usually has to be a Pharaoh to cause such devastation to one’s own Country. So, I think it is only fair I that list the “TEN PLAGUES OBAMAKANEN”. Please add yours to the list, I’ m sure there are plenty.

1. Earthquakes. First Japan now Washington.

2. The Lice of ACORN.

3. The Spendthrift Twins From Hell, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

4. The orally flatulent, Joe Biden.

5. Obamacare.

6. $4,247,000,000,000 of new National Debt in just 945 days

7. The Gun Running, Racist Attorney General, Eric Holder.

8. A tax cheat as the Secretary of the Treasurer.

9. Double Digit Unemployment.


10. Michelle “Let them eat peas.” Antoinette, the Blotus FLOTUS