"You have killed us you arrogant bastard!"

In the movie, “The Hunt for Red October”, the climax of the action occurs when a Russian nuclear submarine commander destroys his own submarine with his own torpedo that he fired at the submarine Red October. Just prior to impact, as his junior officer realized their impending doom, his last words to his commander were; “You have killed us you arrogant bastard!”

I suspect that that same phrase is going to be applicable to our own arrogant CiC, Cowboy Barry. A well turned quotation says; “If you strike the King, you must kill him.”, which references a king’s depth and breadth of power enabling him to deal retribution to those who might posses the temerity to attack him should he survive the attack.

Obama, sans any Constitutional authority, at least according to none other than Obama, along with the rather inept leaders of France and the UK, has struck at Gadhafi and, so far, has only managed to be culpable in the killing of his son.  Further, it is problematic that without the intervention of ground forces, that Gadhafi will be killed or deposed. Does anyone want to speculate as to the stomach that France, Britain or us have for introducing ground forces? I think that if I were willing to volunteer for that little expedition, I would find myself flying commercial.

No, the great problem we now face is that Gadhafi, having survived our strike, will deal the type of retribution of which he has proven he is well capable. While he may not posses the weapons commonly perceived of being mass destruction, I can assure you that half a dozen airliners shot from the sky on a given day in Europe and the US, by handheld missiles will wreck economic and psychological destruction of massive proportions. Of course, this depends on two prerequisites.

1. Does Gadhafi have the stomach for killing innocent people on an airliner?  Check.

2. Does he have access to those who would willingly pull the trigger?  Check.

I can only hope I am wrong, though it is irrational to do so.