Wherein Tbone Posits the 2012 Ticket.

So the basic question that must be addressed is the one posed under the grinning picture of George W. Bush “Miss me yet?”. Surprisingly, according to various polls a lot of people do. In fact, when you consider that 10% of all such polling theoretically comes from black voters who are stubbornly clinging to their half-black hero because of his skin tone and another 20% are lunatic liberals who consider John McCain a conservative, a big junk of rational Americans do miss George. I know I would take him back in a heart beat over the America hating, 3 card monte dealer living it up at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. But, GWB ain’t running again, so what’s the point?

Well, (to quote the best President of the 20th Century), the point is that the name “Bush” has undergone an amazing rehabilitation in just two short years. Of course, being followed by a tin pot dictator who makes something called “Jimmy Carter” look like a good idea has helped tremendously. Besides, if King Barry can get more Republicans elected than any man in history, why not another Bush?

Which, of course brings me to the realization that I agree in great part with Rich Lowery that Jeb Bush has become a viable candidate. His arguments, presented in The National Review, can be found here: http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/259099/bush-2012-rich-lowry .

I am happy to leave the heavy lifting of justification to him. Also, I certainly don’t need to rehash the weaknesses of the current field of dreamers.   I am convinced that in retrospect the only good legacy of the 2008 Republican ticket may be the gender blend. As such, I would say that a ticket of Jeb Bush and Michele Bachmann would be a good start to a 16 year Republican run White House.

For those of you lacking my level of political sophistication, the technical, political description for such a ticket would be “That ticket could kick some serious ass”.  And, we do know whose asses we want kicked, now don’t we?

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