Palin, Romney and Huckabee to Appear at Joint Rally at Texas Stadium!

Just kidding but consider this. Let’s say that it is true and that it was going to cost $20.00 to get in, $15.00 of which the attendee could designate to one of the three candidates. Now, consider that a new ABC News-Washington Post survey says that among Republicans and Republican leaning independents that the split is 21% Huckabee, 19% Palin and 17% Romney.

So, the question is, would the crowd theoretically split that way? As we know, it takes cash in hand and boots on the ground to win an election. So, would any of these three see a disproportionate turnout, compared to the survey, based upon their supporters’ passion, as represented by actually getting off the sofa and dropping $20 bucks?

Now, this discussion is not to be about any of these candidate’s qualifications. We have had plenty of those and if you are going to make a post about a candidate’s qualifications we must consider you an imbecile unable to follow a simple direction. This discussion should be about your perceptions about the depth of support that each of these candidate’s supporters possess and how that translates into cash in hand and, perhaps more importantly, boots on the ground that would contribute to winning the primary.