Barry Should Have Sent George.

European political leaders, having become somewhat callous to the buffoonery of self aggrandized faux royalty over the centuries, seem to have given King Barry the Hopeful a collective salute of universal applicability.  Evidently it was our Three Card Monte, shuck and jive Hustler In Chief that couldn’t find the card with the extra military troops for Afghanistan on the European card table.

It would seem that he should have sent George W. Bush to plead his case.  That way he could continue to blame GWB for his shortcomings.  It looks like Afghanistan is going to turn into Barry’s War for sure.

From TheTimesOnline:

“Barack Obama made an impassioned plea to America’s allies to send more troops to Afghanistan, warning that failure to do so would leave Europe vulnerable to more terrorist atrocities.

But though he continued to dazzle Europeans on his debut international tour, the Continent’s leaders turned their backs on the US President.

Gordon Brown was the only one to offer substantial help. He offered to send several hundred extra British soldiers to provide security during the August election, but even that fell short of the thousands of combat troops that the US was hoping to prise from the Prime Minister.

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