Why John McCain Should Suspend His Campaign

If John McCain wants to win this election he should immediately cease campaigning against Obama and start campaigning against the United States Congress.

Nobody likes Congress. Most people like their own Congresscrook and maybe a Senator or two but they don’t like the rest of them. I like my Congressman, but try as I might, I can certainly see no reason to like the rest of them and I am sure that if all the Representatives and all the Senators fell over dead tomorrow morning, the collective emotion would be similar to the mobs around the guillotines, “it creates a bit of a mess, but they certainly had it coming”.

McCain finds it hard to blame Obama for anything because, let’s face it, Obama has never done anything except for the standard crooked Chicago politician shtick and wandering around in the liberal desert somewhere to the left of John Kerryville.

McCain should basically say Congress has been screwing the American public but if you elect me, my number one mandate will be the screw Congress on your behalf, repeatedly. He should have a “Veto Special” ballpoint pen made big enough so that the people in the back row at every rally can easily see the writing on the side that says “Lubricated with Ben-Gay”.

McCain should immediately call for the resignation of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. He should rail against the lack of leadership and he should blame the Democratic controlled Congress for everything from the rising cost of gasoline to Lindsay Lohan becoming a lesbian.

He should demand the elimination of mark to market and other anti-liquidity accounting rules. He should demand that the “Bailout” be converted into a “Financial Markets Loan Package” that has to be paid back with interest and without any ear marks or funding for sleazy, left-wing programs.

He should make Obama defend the Democrats in Congress in that they have a record and he doesn’t. Obama can’t run against Congress. He should tie the election of Obama to a continuation of the failed Congressional record. It also gives him the opportunity to tie Bush to the Democrat’s failed bailout thereby nullifying any further Obama rantings about his being a continuation of the “failed Bush policies”.

Every Republican congressional or senatorial candidate in the United States should also immediately start running against everyone else in the Congress or Senate.

If McCain does this, he wins and he wins easily. If he doesn’t, we can only hope that they all do fall over dead tomorrow and take the Big O with them.